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Smart Set Safety offers temporary barrier and rail systems with a focus on fall protection safety. These temporary guardrails improve work place efficiency as well as worker safety and are easy-to-use and easy-to-install. Smart Set Safety guardrails can be used in multi-level construction, pedestrian walkways, window and door openings, stairways and more. The guardrail post is the most versatile in temporary barrier systems allowing you to reuse it over and over again with each new job site.

Smart Set Safety guardrails were not only designed for durability and reusability but they’re both environmentally friendly and recyclable. These barrier systems are the latest in guardrail technology and will provide you with the safety your work environment requires. When installed correctly, the Smart Set Safety guardrail systems meet and exceed all OSHA and CCOHS safety requirements giving you a great option in fall protection safety.

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SmartSetSafety Railing System
SmartSetSafety Smart Post Safety Railing System