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Disposable Cutters and Safety Knives Safety Cutters with Replaceable Blade Head Retractable Cutters and Safety Knives
Peak Supply Company's disposable cutters and safety knives include klever kutter, klever koncept and metal detectable disposable safety cutters.
Peak Supply Company's safety cutters with replaceable blade heads includes KJC-XCY, KJC-XCO, KCJ-XCB and KCJ-XCR safety cutters.
Peak Supply Company's retractable cutters and safety knives include Merak, Maxisafe, Megasafe and Martego safety knives and cutters.
Specialty Safety Knives And Cutters Replacement Blades And Replaceable Blade Head
Peak Supply Company's specialty safety knives and cutters include Martor 109137 Combi Concealed Blade and Lewis K-710 Fixed Blade.
Peak Supply Company's replacement blades and replaceable blade heads include Klever X-Change replacement heads and Martor replacement blades.