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HUGS HB1001 Guardrail Stanchion
HUGS HB1001 Guardrail Stanchion

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HUGS HB1001 Horizontal Under-Eave Guardrail System Stanchion.  Stanchion is the primary component of this truss mounted roof top safety guardrail system.  Steel construction and durable powder coat finish in safety orange.  The HUGS system does not interfere with the roofing process.  It provides passive fall protection for a complete roofing job without having to move any guardrail around as work progress.  Keeps the roof surface free of potential obstacles during roofing activity.  The HUG system is low cost, easy to install, easy to remove and reusable.  Through the use of either the Quick bracket or the H bracket, the HUGS guardrail system is attached to roof truss or rafter tails under the eave of the roof.  2x4's are used for mid and top horizontal rails.  2x6 may be used for toeboard.  The HUG system can be installed at ground level or once truss are set using a ladder or manlift.  System comprised of HB1001 guardrail stanchion and choice of either the Quick bracket or H bracket.  The Quick bracket is a nail-on bracket normally used for new construction, roofing applications and other jobs where truss or rafter tails are present.  The H bracket is a screw-on reusable bracket designed for reroofing applications, remodeling, historical restorations and other jobs that have an open soffit with or without fascia.