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3M DBI/SALA 3101228 Nano-Lok 6 Foot Self Retracting Lifeline
3M DBI/SALA 3101228 Nano-Lok 6 Foot Self Retracting Lifeline

: $175.20
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3M DBI/SALA 3101228 Nano-Lok 6 Foot Self Retracting Web Lifeline with steel snap hook and single leg harness connector.  These new self retracting lifelines can be used in place of lanyards and can be directly attached to any harness, reducing fall clearances.  The versatile Nano-Lok can be connected to an overhead anchor point or directly to the harness.  With the included 3100088 harness connector the Nano-Lok self retracting lifeline can be attached directly to the back of most harnesses.  Connector installs to the harness webbing, leaving the dorsal D-ring free for other equipment or rescue.  The connector design provides proper snug fit to workers back eliminating nuisance flopping.  The Nano-Lok is 15% lighter and 30% smaller than any competitive unit on the market.  Competitive D-ring connector systems allow the retractable to contact the back of the worker's head.  The Nano-Lok's small size and connector system eliminates this issue.  The unit retains tension on the lifeline at all times, keeping it out of the workers way and reducing dragging, snagging and trip falls.  The automatic activating arrestor locks quickly to stop falls within inches reducing free fall distance and providing greater protection al lower heights.  Swiveling anchorage loop reduces twisting of webbing.  Specially designed high strength Dynema webbing provides excellent cut-resistant, abrasion resistant, chemical and UV resistant characteristics.  Compact, impact-resistant housing.  Nano-Lok is lighter than most lanyards, weighing 2.35 lbs.  Rated for a total combined weight up to 420 lbs.  Much safer to use than a shock absorbing lanyard as they require much less free fall clearance and they are designed to arrest a fall within two feet.